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Boat Heaters

Heaters for Boat Cabins

Eberspaecher heaters warm your boat, allowing you and your crew to relax below deck. You can customize the warmth to your liking, offering a wonderful sense of well-being. These reliable heaters dehumidify your boat. Eberspaecher offers two different systems for you to choose from. Eberspaecher air heaters focus on providing heat for your boat, while Eberspaecher electrical heaters focus on simply warming it.

The right solution to heat your boat cabin

Eberspaecher provides the perfect solution for a wide range of vessels. For small boats, impressive sailboats, and even powerboats, an Eberspaecher Airtronic is the right fit. The new Airtronic family is the practical successor to the popular Eberspaecher air heater.


  1. Extremely fast interior air heating by power setting
  2. Increased lifespan of up to 5,000 hours thanks to the brushless motor
  3. Silent night-time operation thanks to dynamic, stepless heating output control and a new, quiet metering pump
  4. Low fuel and electricity consumption
  5. Automatic interior temperature control with temperature pre-setting
  6. Dehumidifies the interior through hot-air outlets
  7. Direct heat and efficient operation: Unlike in a combination heater, the tap water is not heated along with the air, therefore ensuring very high efficiency
  8. Eberspaecher air heaters can be retrofitted in your boat quickly and easily
  9. Suitable for fresh-air operation


  1. The engine can be preheated
  2. More uniform heat distribution – just like at home
  3. Individual temperature adjustment at every panel radiator
  4. No blower noises from panel radiators
  5. Tap water heating in conjunction with a boiler is possible
  6. Flexible installation