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RV Heaters

Heaters for Recreational Vehicle Applications

A warm living room, a warm driver's cab, a warm engine and … hot water. Our multi-talented Eberspächer Hydronic heater gives you all this. You don't just enjoy the benefits of a perfectly heated vehicle. Your water, in the kitchen or in the shower, is always at the temperature you want, thanks to an Eberspächer water heater. One more advantage: no matter how frosty the nights are, there’s no more early morning condensation on the windshield. The engine can be pre-heated at the same time – eliminating the wear and tear of cold starts. You just want to heat the vehicle interior and it has to be fast? Then an Eberspächer Airtronic air heater is the perfect solution for you. Your motorhome will reach the desired temperature in the shortest possible time: interior air is drawn in, heated and then blown back into the interior. As the heating is exceptionally economical, long operating times are not a problem, and you can precisely control the temperature yourself – how warm it should be during the day and night.


  • Pleasant, comfortable warm interior
  • Hot water available at all times
  • Less engine wear and reduced fuel consumption thanks to a warm start
  • Space-saving underfloor installation – more storage space
  • Easy to program for set-and-forget operation
  • Eliminates electrical plug-ins and propane tanks
  • No more struggling to clean the window across the dashboard


  • Fast interior air heating
  • Stops condensation from forming on the windshield
  • Automatic continuous interior temperature control with temperature pre-selection
  • Extremely Quiet
  • Low fuel and electrical consumption
  • Compact devices that save space and easy to install